English Grammar Songs

Our English grammar songs are a really fun and engaging way to enhance the children’s learning, whilst teaching them the complexities of of the English language. Fun, educational songs that are engaging and easy to learn with a clear, concise message. Perfect for classroom and homeschool teaching.

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These catchy free songs for schools are a great way of improving vocabulary and speaking and listening skills, covering a wide range of subjects including nouns, proper nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and more. All of our animated songs are free via the Silly School Education Youtube Page. You can learn more about what what we do and who we are by visiting our “About Us” page!

Verb Songs 

We have an exciting range of verb songs on Silly School Education Youtube channel.  We cover all the different aspects of verbs, which include action verbs, adverbs and more.

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These fun and entertaining verb songs, will keep your children engaged whilst helping them learn how to use verbs and understand their role in English grammar. Our educational songs break down complicated grammatical concepts into easy to learn, simple, songs that you won’t be able to forget.  

Adjective Songs 

Our adjective songs are great fun and guaranteed to not only teach the children how adjectives are used, but also make them in their everyday grammar. The animations are colourful and the songs are super-catchy.

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The message in each of our adjective songs is clear, concise and simple to learn. 

Noun Songs

Nouns are everywhere! Well they certainly are in our selection of grammar songs on our Silly School Education Youtube channel. With our fun, educational noun songs, the children will find easy explanations of each type of noun.

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Our upbeat, fun, easy-to-learn children’s songs cover nouns, pronouns, collective nouns, proper nouns. and much, much more.

English Grammar Songs

We are not only passionate about education but also access to education. That is why we have made all of our English grammar songs (actually – all of our songs full stop) free to access via our Silly School Education Youtube Channel. Wherever you are in the world you can watch our educational animations and it won’t cost you a penny. We’re always open to ideas for new educational songs, so why not get in touch with some suggestions via our contact page!





Educational Songs for Primary Schools

Our educational songs for primary schools all follow the UK schools curriculum, which makes them a perfect free teaching resource and with over twenty years experience working in the primary school sector we know what works. This is why our grammar songs are used by primary school teachers all over the world. We have put in thousands of hours of work to make sure our grammar songs are engaging and fun but easy to follow. The children laugh at the animations, sing along to the songs and remember the message. Take a look at our Youtube Channel to access hundreds of free songs and animations.


 Grammar Songs for Elementary Students

All over the world teachers are using our grammar songs for elementary students to teach their children all about English grammar and it’s rules. With over twenty years experience teaching grammar to elementary school age children we know that learning through song can be a massive help when it comes to translating complicated concepts into simple ideas. The Silly School Education Youtube Channel has hundreds of free educational songs for elementary schools to use to their hears content.  

 Punctuation Songs

What’s the easiest way to teach punctation to children? Well, of course, we think it’s through song! When you use Silly School Education punctuation songs you will find that your students are instantly engaged. The tunes are memorable and the message is simple. We’ve spent years developing the perfect ear-worms to help the children in your class remember the most important elements of the rules of punctuation. So if you’re looking for songs about questions marks or exclamation marks look no further.  

 Learn English Grammar on our Youtube Channel!

If you’re learning English or English is not your first language, the Silly School Education Youtube Channel is a great place to start learning all about English grammar. Our songs have been created by grammar experts to help you understand all the basics when it comes to English grammar. Not only that, the simple songs will stay in your head long after the educational animation has finished. If you want to learn English this is a great place to start. Go straight to the Silly School Education Youtube Channel and choose the English Grammar playlist for lots of fun songs to help you learn English.


English Grammar Songs