Science Songs

 Science songs! Music is great for memorising facts in an enjoyable way.  Our educational science songs for primary aged children, are both entertaining and interesting.  We have been told that children want to watch them over and over again! The songs we create make learning fun and teacher’s jobs easier. 

“My class LOVED listening to your living/non living song! They were all joining in by the end, it’s a brilliant song to support my teaching!”

Mr Sweeney – Year 3/4 Teacher 

If you are a teacher of science to primary or elementary school students, our science songs for children will keep them hooked! We cover a wide range of scientific subjects and our repertoire is constantly being updated. Whether it is learning about the the planets, the five senses, forces, or whether something is living and non living, these songs will ensure that your children’s learning is accelerated! 

Science Songs About Forces

We can’t force you to listen our science songs but you might want to listen to our fabulous primary school songs about forces. These popular science song for kids will inspire their imaginations, whilst they learn.

“Loving these! Keep the diverse characters coming too! Can’t wait to share with the class.”

mrs_wow – Instagram

 They are perfect for preschool, kindergarten and elementary age children who are covering subjects like pushes and pulls. 

Science Songs About the Environment

Silly School Education cares very much about the environment. We believe that our planet is a precious thing and should be looked after. That is why we are passionate about spreading the message of sustainability and looking after our planet earth. 

“Your material is so fantastic!”

S Paterson – Waste Education Officer

Our songs teach the children to protect the environment and respect their world in which we live in. These educational songs for children are a really way to introduce new concepts and build knowledge.


cience Songs About Space 

 Take a special trip through space, with our primary science songs about planets and the solar system. We have the perfect educational song collection for primary school children to listen and enjoy.


J Sheldrake – Science Teacher 5* Google Review

Each song is based on the National Curriculum and is easy for the children to learn.

These catchy free songs for schools are a great way of improving vocabulary and speaking and listening skills, covering a wide range of subjects. All of our animated songs are free via the Silly School Education Youtube Page. You can learn more about what what we do and who we are by visiting our “About Us” page!