Geography Songs

If you are looking to teach geography in a new and engaging way, our educational songs for children have really catchy melodies and fun animations to help with the learning. The animations are colourful and the songs are super-catchy. The message in all of our songs is always clear, concise and simple to learn. Perfect for classroom and homeschool teaching these songs are guaranteed to keep your children engaged and enthused about learning!

   Covering topics such as the United Kingdom, the water cycle, cardinal directions, the seven continents, the oceans and more, these catchy free songs for schools are a great way of improving geography knowledge and skills. All of our animated songs are based around the National Curriculum and suitable for EYFS, Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2). They also available completely free via the Silly School Education Youtube Page. You can learn more about what what we do and who we are by visiting our “About Us” page!

We really hope you enjoy the music and animations as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Geography Songs About the United Kingdom Songs

Fun songs about the geography of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom Song is great if you’re covering the UK and it’s capitals at primary school, elementary school, kindergarten and preschool. It’s a simple song that helps children learn about England, Scotland, Wales, Norther Ireland and their four capital cities.



Geography Songs About the Planet

 Our  songs about the planet cover a whole range of subjects like oceans, the continents and sustainability.  Simple but memorable tunes with funny animations that help to support classroom teaching.


Geography Songs About Nature

Nature songs are a really fun way to introduce children to the natural world.  We talk about subjects such cardinal directions (north, south, east and west), the water cycle, the seasons and more.