Phonics Songs for Schools!


Phonics songs are a really helpful tool for anyone in early years education looking to teach phonics. Learning phonics is a great way for children to learn to read as it simplifies the English language into sounds. All over the world schools are using this method to help teach literacy and our fabulous selection of over fifty phonics songs, covering the entire range of phonics sounds, is a great, free resource for teachers.

“I’m a speech therapist and my kids love watching your vowel songs. I always start with a song to introduce a vowel song. Your videos are so much fun and the tunes are catchy.”

Phonix in a Box

From simple group one sounds, through to the more complex digraphs of group three, all of our songs are engaging and feature pure phonics soundsEach song also features a funny, captivating animation that presents the concept of each sound in a clear and concise way. To help with learning the songs are repetitive, upbeat and memorable.

 We arrange our phonics songs into three groups.

Phonics Songs – Group 1

 Our Phonics Songs – Group 1 concentrate on the initial basic sounds that a child generally learns when practising phonics. We only use pure sounds, which help the child easily make words by blending sounds.

“Dare you to not get this song stuck in your head!”

Phonics Stars Croydon

Our catchy, fun, animated songs are guaranteed to help speed up the process.

Group 1 :  d  a  s  m  t  i  n  o  g  p  c  k  u  b  f  e  l  h  sh  r  j  v  y  w  th  z  ng  nk  ch  nk  x

Visit our “Phonics Group 1 Playlist” on Youtube via this link.

Phonics Songs – Group 2

Phonics Songs – Group 2 concentrate on the initial two letter sounds that blend together to make one sound.

“If you haven’t checked out theses amazing phonics songs – please do! My class and I adore them. Even through lockdown they’re still watching them!”

eyfs_year1 – Instagram

 Group 2 : oy  ee  air  ow  oo (short)  oo (long)  ar  or  igh  ir  ou  ay

Visit our “Phonics Group 2 Playlist” on Youtube via this link.

Phonics Songs – Group 3

Phonics Group 3 Songs concentrate on the initial two letter sounds that blend together to make one sound.

I love these! We’re going to use them as part of our phonics sessions in September!”

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Group 3 :  ea  oi  er  ure  ur  aw  ow  ai  oa  ew  ear  ire  ure

Visit our “Group 3 Phonics Playlist” via this link.

Phonics Songs for EYFS & Kindergarten

Perfect if you’re learning or teaching phonics at primary school, elementary school or kindergarten. This fun, upbeat song has keeps children engaged and really enthuses them to earn more about phonics. 

Don’t just take our word for it have a look at the reviews on our feedback page and join thousands of teachers worldwide following our Silly School Education Youtube Channel. It’s a completely free resource for early childhood educators that teachers and children to love.

“I played this for my daughter today as we were practising digraphs. She loved it. Thank you!”

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All of our animated songs are free via the Silly School Education Youtube Page. You can learn more about what what we do and who we are by visiting our “About Us” page!

What is Phonics?

Phonics is a method of teaching young children how to read and write. It helps children understand and identify different sounds in the English language. By learning the sounds of individual letters, children learn to decode the words they are reading, which in turn leads onto a better comprehension of which letters to use in their own writing.

In essence phonics demonstrates the relationship between the sounds of spoken language and the letters of written language.




Phonics Programmes for Primary Schools

There is a whole range of phonics programmes validated by the UK Department of Education for use in British Schools. Our songs are designed to work with them all and are a great, free, added resource to use in the classroom.

Some of the more popular schemes currently taught in primary schools are Jolly Phonics, Read Write Inc, Bug Club Phonics, Essential Letters and Sounds, No Nonsense Phonics and Phonics International. For a more detailed list visit the UK Dept of Education’s website.


Phonics Songs