Songs About the Seasons & Time

Songs about the seasons and time! We cover a wide assortment of time and seasons songs for primary school children. Our songs for schools cover  everything a child needs to know about days, weeks, months, years and seasons. Visit the the Time & Seasons playlist, on our Silly School Education Youtube Channel, to hear more.

If you are teaching or learning about seasons at your school we have songs and animations about spring, summer, autumn and winter. Our days and months of the year songs are “repetitive earworms“, designed to make the respective names stick! They are also fun and silly.

Songs About the Seasons

 Our songs about the seasons teach children the difference between spring, summer, autumn (fall – yes, we have America covered!) and winter, individually and all together! Each video teaches the children the changes in the weather and the environment. From the blossom on the trees in Spring to the snow on the ground in winter.

 Songs are a excellent resource for teaching simple lesson. When children sing they are singing and saying words in a context, which helps with comprehension and they are a fantastic memory aid. Research shows that music can also be excellent tool to help boost the learning capabilities in children and adults. Not only does music speed up learning and help students memorise content, it helps promote focus and enriches learning.




Days of the Week Songs

Catchy free songs for schools that teach children the days of the week! Learning the days of the week may seem simple but it can be a difficult challenge for young children. Our ‘days of the week’ songs are perfect for early learners. They are simple and direct but more importantly, great fun to dance and sing to. EYFS, kindergarten and preschool children are guaranteed to love these songs.

Children generally start to understand and learn the days of the week in preschool, kindergarten and reception class. At first the days of the week can be a difficult concept to understand as the children will also be grappling with the concept of time in general, but using our memorable, catchy songs will help your child learn the days of the week before you know it!

Songs About The Months of the Year


 Songs about the months of the year! We have fantastic songs to teach your children the twelve months of the year. They are simple, catchy and have fun animations with a clear message. Singing songs about the months of the year will help your children put the structure of a year into context and our songs will keep your toes tapping and your fingers clicking! Fun to sing and easy to learn.  Singing a song that names each day and repeats it is a excellent way to reinforce the names of each week day and the order they are in. 

For any EYFS or Kindergarten teachers looking for support in teaching the months of the year, this is a great, free resource.

  All of our animated songs are based around the National Curriculum and suitable for EYFS, Key Stage One (KS1) and Key Stage Two (KS2). They also available completely free via the Silly School Education Youtube Page. You can learn more about what what we do and who we are by visiting our “About Us” page!